What to eat in Ghana

07 Mar 2018

Ghana has many    There’s a lot to learn from Ghanaians when it comes to their food. Every ethnic group has his own type of food.  But today all the ethnic groups eat each other’s food.  

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Trip to Ghana and renting a car? Here are 5 tips

02 Mar 2018

Are you a first-time traveller in Ghana? Want to rent a car for your trips in Ghaan....  It is going to make your travel less stressful and affords you the time to concentrate on other things. Here are 5 car rental tips for renting a car in Ghana: 1. Choosing a ca...

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Car Rental Companies in Ghana

24 Feb 2018

You can find national and international car rental companies in Ghana.  There are local car rental experts in Ghana that helps clients to travel anywhere in Ghana. You have also internantional car rental providers that has offices in Ghana.... The local car rental compani...

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TRAVELING TIPS when travelling to Ghana

09 Feb 2018

This article will not be about Car Rentals in Ghana. This is about tips when travelling to Ghana. Ghana is a country you should expect to catch a lot of fun and excitement but things could get ugly for you if you don’t get the necessar...

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Accra, The Capital, Ghana

08 Feb 2018

Accra is situated on the coastline south of Ghana in the Western Part of Africa. In terms of land area, Accra is the smallest region amongst the 10 regions in Ghana, yet it is rich and teeming with recreational facilities, national monuments, historic sites and tourist attractions. It is also the...

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