This is Ghana


This is Ghana, Ghana is good. Ghana is freedom. Ghana is warm. Ghana is open. This is Ghana, a republic situated in the west of Africa. It is a small but big country. The population of Ghana is 28 million strong. Ghana is a country full of festivals from Accra to Tamale. Ghana has great events, warm people and many exciting places to visit and see.  
Ghana, is an African country that is the envy of many due to its friendly and peaceful nature. The name Ghana means ‘’Warrior King’’ and was derived from the Ghanaian empire of West Africa. As sunny as the land could be described, Ghana has its south western part situated within the warm forest zone. One can be self-assured that visiting Ghana will leave them with memories after tasting delectable food and drinks, attending special events and festivals, touring the country’s tourist attractions, and enjoying the appealing Ghanaian culture and heritage. 

Culture, Heritage and Festivals; A week rarely passes by without a village or town in Ghana holding a yearly celebration. These numerous festivals and culture of the Ghanaian people will not only interest visitors but blow their minds leading them to a daily routine which is purely African. At the coast of Ghana, you will find towns such as Mankerssim, Elmina, Anomabu, Saltpond and Winneba who form the Fante Kingdom where a lot of fishing activities takes place. Visiting the North of Ghana will also reveal to you a strong Islamic influence with fascinating mud buildings of villages like Larabanga, Sirigu and Paga.

Local dishes; with food crops such as rice, plantain, cassava, beans, corn, millets a lot of ethnic groups creatively prepare tasty foods like jollof rice, waakye, banku with tilapia, red-red, fufu and goat light soup, tuo zaafi, kenkey and fried fish, kelewele, omo tuo and more.

Top Attractions; for best sight-seeing experience, Ghana cannot be ruled out. Ghana is occupied with beautiful natural landscape from mountain peaks to valley-lows. It is an unforgettable experience travelling from the North to South of Ghana because your eyes will be fed with beautiful forests, mangroves, grass lands and rivers.

Tropical climate In Ghana also allows visitors to enjoy the beaches at all time and indulge in outdoor events. 

Lodging in Ghana is amazing considering various standard hotels across the capitals, districts and towns ranging from five star hotels to home – stays.

Driving licence in Ghana
Like in many countries the minimum age for driving a car in Ghana is 18 years old. Foreigners can use their international driving license (most of the time they have to apply for it before coming to Ghana. The international driving license is valid for one year. However, if you want to stay longer in Ghana it is advisable to apply for a local Ghanaian driving license. You can easily drive around in the country. The country is safe and beautiful.

Accra, the capital 
You hear people saying Accra is Ghana, Ghana is Accra. But Accra is Accra. Accra is the capital city of Ghana and the economic heart of the country. Accra is a modern city but in terms of area its the smallest region yet enriched with recreational areas, national monuments, historic sites and tourist attractions. The city’s main attractions include the National Museum which displays Ghana’s culture and history that involves the Ashanti kingdom and slave trade. There is also an Art Centre where shops trade handicrafts. For your stay in Accra, there are welcoming hotels listings from five star to home - stay. Don’t forget to have a feel of the Labadi beach, Coco beach and Bojo beach which are the most visited beaches in Accra. The Christianborg castle and James fort are also present in Accra not leaving out the National monuments such as the National Theatre, independence square and Accra international conference centre.

National Museum also plays a role when it comes to tourist attraction. It is located in Accra, the capital city of the country and marked as the oldest and largest in the country. The museum is loaded with objects of archaeology and fine arts. There is also ethnography gallery of chiefs, indigenous Ghanaian Musical Instruments, gold weights, beads, traditional textiles, stools and pottery. Forts and Castles; Ghana is named as the African nation with most historic forts and castles. Through colonisation and slavery these incredible structures in terms of architecture and geography were left along the coast. Accra Cultural Centre; another worth seeing art of Ghanaians is exhibited at this venue. Here you will find arts and crafts bazaars not leaving the beautiful traditional textile market with souvenirs made out of clay, wood, leather and metals.